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What Does Bluff Failure Look Like?

There are many visual indicators of bluff failure. Check your bluff for the following:

Bluff Toe Erosion

Bluff toe erosion happens when waves crash into the toe of the bluff eroding the soil.  This increases the instability of the bluff above the toe.

Exposed Drain Pipes

Bluff erosion exposes drain pipes.


Vertical gullies appear on the bluff where subsurface and surface water run through and down the face of the bluff causing bluff instability.


Soil slumping from erosion can cause soil slides that take out brush and trees.

Cracking with Soil Exposure

Bluff erosion can cause horizontal cracking where soil is exposed.

Debris Flow

Soil becomes saturated with water and flows down the bluff similar to a mud slide.

Exposed Retaining Walls

The weight of an unsecured retaining wall can increase the instability of the bluff.  As erosion occurs the retaining wall becomes exposed.

Exposed Soil

Surface water running down the bluff causes areas of the soil to become exposed.

Large Exposed Soil

Large exposed soil is sign of extreme bluff stability causing total bluff failure.