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Bluff Stabilization

Protecting Your Shoreline Investment

Are you losing lakefront property? Along the shore of Lake Michigan bluff erosion is a commonplace problem that results in the loss of valuable property.

Bluff slumping and failure is mainly caused by surface water, shoreline erosion and subsurface water. Bluff Drains, LLC has a patented method to increase bluff stability using horizontal directional drilling and innovative wick drains. These wick drains safely divert subsurface water from the bluff down to the lakeshore. Wick drains are an efficient and cost effective means of limiting subsurface water thus decreasing the risk of soil movement. Used in combination with shoreline protection and surface drains, wick drains can effectively limit further bluff erosion.

Working with Geotechnical Engineers, Bluff Drains, LLC will find a way to increase the stability of your bluff. Don’t give up land without a fight!

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